Horseback Riding, St. Croix



Cane Bay, Northshore, U.S. Virgin Islands


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Pictures tell it all!

2016 Certificate of Excellence from Trip Advisor - 3rd year in a row and since in business

Riders journey along the North Shore, through a historic sugar plantation at Rust Op Twist, along a beach in La Vallee and  into the sea with swimming horses.

About our Rides

 Cowboy Steve, Kathryn and ALL the horses are ready for riding.  Pirate is feeling good, Sundance is more playful than ever, Eeyore the Donkey enjoyed Halloween!  We want you to know that anyone who was booked during these rough times will receive a credit. However we are without power and internet at this time but we are doing rides!  Please check this page as we will keep you updated.  Our calendar is updated with 2018 and we are taking reservations.